Summer Knitting Projects

Off on holiday and in need of alternative poolside entertainment to a book?

Wool and the Gang have a great selection of Summer Knitting Projects to keep your fingers busy while you soak up the sun.

The range includes jewellery, accessories, clothing and even homewares – and if you’re not partial to plain Vs. purl, they even offer ready to wear versions of each item for a slightly higher cost.

We’ve picked our favourite projects from the range:

1. Freyja Necklace


Price: £27.50
Difficulty: Easy
Colour: We love ‘True Blue’ (pictured)
Buy Freyja here


2. Hold Tight Clutch


Price: £59
Difficulty: Intermediate
Colour: We love ‘Zebra Stripes’ with ‘Breezy Blush’ as an accent (Pictured)
Buy Hold Tight here


3. Ariel Top


Price: £47.50
Difficulty: Easy
Colour: We love ‘White Noise’ (Pictured)
Buy Ariel here


4. Milo Beach Bag


Price: £37.50
Difficulty: Easy
Colour: We love ‘White Noise’
Buy Milo here


We’d love to know which knitting project(s) you would choose from the range – let us know in the comments below :)

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