About Us

A Little Bit Of Background

PaperBoat UK was born of a love of crafting and began with a blog way back in 2009. Back then, it was a way for our founder (Amy) to explore and share her interests while finishing up her degree. Nowadays, we’re more about sharing creativity and all things design related – particularly when it comes to crafting and handmade goodies!

The story of the PaperBoat shop began unfolding in late 2012, launching on Etsy in November. Since then, we have enjoyed seeing the interest in our handmade products grow – and we hope it continues! Which is why we’ve moved to a brand new site, so we can showcase the faces behind the brand and share our love and passion for what we do, all from one place.


Who We Are

PaperBoat UK is made up of a team of two, who love nothing more than a good cuppa and a spot of crafting. Here’s a little bit about us:

Amy, our founder, always dreamed of having her own shop, filled with homemade goodies and hand crafted trinkets and thanks to the wonder of the internet, that dream wasn’t a million miles away! Although selling her wares online (and having people actually buy them) is a dream come true, she still hopes to one day own her very own bricks-and-mortar store – fingers crossed!

Hodda is a self-confessed creative fanatic and enjoys drawing, painting, writing and all manner of crafting. If she could she would easily spend her days buried up to her ears in beads and buttons and thread. However, bills must be paid and tummies must be filled. So please believe us when we say that all of her crafts and words are the product of many hours of love and enjoyment which we hope they reflect.

Looking to the Future

To date, PaperBoat UK has been a strictly online venture, however we are looking to break out of our internet bubble and start to showcase our wares at local craft fairs and markets. We’ll announce any new ventures on our blog, so be sure to keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss out!